little-red-boots said: YOU CAN DO IT

shadiga сказал(а): you used the emote ALSO DW BRAH I’LL BE THERE W YOU YOU CAN DO THIS DO IT FOR THE MEMEHOOD
that’s like the best motivational speech i’ve ever been given tbh

math exam tomorrow jfc
i’ve studied pretty hard for this but i’m afraid it’s still not enough


so warm out, and my strawberries are ripe🌱

kingatticus сказал(а): This won’t end well.
oh come on what could POSSIBLY go wrong i mean if it turns out to be the real deal i get a wish, bitchin’ powers and a sweet-ass outfit and i’ll live happily ever after as a hero :D


I am happy now
but I miss where I used to be

so yesterday i was talking about the soul gem rings and joked about making a contract, right? guess what i found this morning

that’s 0% edited btw it actually had this odd sheen to it just like in the picture?? someone clearly wants me to go full meguca
i’m a bit scared tbh